I have an issue. Where can I report it?

If you have an issue please first check if someone else have the same issue as you. If not then create a new issue at the Issue Tracker.

Why are some video quality settings not appearing?

This is caused by YouTube limiting the availability of qualities when DASH Playback is disabled. DASH playback is available for the flash player, but is more limited for the HTML5 player. The HTML5 player needs MSE (Media Source Extensions) to be available otherwise DASH playback would be disabled. MSE is disabled in Firefox, but can be enabled in Firefox 31 (see this guide on how to enable MSE).

When will the next version of YouTube Center get released?

A new version of YouTube Center will get released when I think that it's ready. If you're impatient you can try the developer version.

How do I install YouTube Center on Chrome?

If you don't care about the download feature in YouTube Center I would recommend you to install the Chrome WebStore version instead, which can be found here. You can also use Tampermonkey and install the userscript version.

If none of the options above works for you, you can also unpack the extension and load it through the developer mode.